Sample of clients

Company name Year Web site address Achievement Status
ClickSoftware (IET) 1993 First project with Candian bank Went public 2000
CTP 1994 Bought by DSPC and than Intel OEM agreement with Harris Sold to DSPC for 15MM two years later.
Blusoft 2002 Bluetooth applications.
Alvarion (BreezCom) 1996 Built an office in the US with our plan Went public on 1998 for a value of 400M
Pulsicom 2002 Pipeline of potential system intgrators for real time location systems
Inverness 1996 Bought by Virata and than Global Span Distribution agreement with ISP Sold to Virata for 140MMAt 2000.
Mavix 1996 Discussions with Siemmens Focus on large partnerships
Matisse Networks 2002 Support the founding
Fourier Systems 2002 Scale up to sale of 2MM
MTI 1996 An OEM agreement with Harris – Canada Moved from Military to commercial marketSales of 5.2 MM in 2000Went public in Israel
Science On Line 2002
Combox 1997 Bought by OEM agreement with Hayes Sold to Therayon for 140MM at 2000
Internet Telecom 1997 Discussions with US clients Sold to Telrad on 1998 for 45 MM.
QuantumBeam 2002 Betas with US companies.
M-systems 1998
Celletra 1998 Kept focus on large infra structure companies Postponed moving on the repeater market for a later stage.
IDIT 1998 Discussions with US clients Delay penetration to the US.  Focus on Europe
Power Paper 1998 OEM agreement with Clegg, U.S.A. Raised 40 MM on 2001
Comverse Infocyce/Virent 2002 1999 Size of the marketFinal product specification Raised 20MM during 2000
Infocyclone 2001 Beta identification
Solidimension 2001 Market research
Paragon 2001 Market understanding Not yet
Replicom 2001 Market Understanding Not yet.
Saifun 1997 First Strategic funding and first investment Went public on 2006 for value of $800M
Passcall 2002 Review the business case for the investors Management buyout
Elgo Irrigation 2005 Market understanding and focus on DIY chains
Doron Reigel 2006-2007 Supported scale up of sales from 100K to 10M units. Selling in million units a month
Arabella Software 2006 Supported turn around and strategic partner  search and negotiation Sold to Entropic on 2007 in cash and equity exchange.
Impel Ltd 2007 Part of the founding team. On going effots to build the company.
GoAbout Wireless 2005 Founded the company and led it to pilots and initial invesmtnet Build up of the company
Dania plastic 2007-2008 Support a spin off operation to 1M Euro revenues and 2 years contracted signed Build up of the Spin off operation
YCD 2004 Penetration plan to Sweden
Conlog 2004 Evaluate a new product to carry Lost the bid to competition.
Orbograph 2006 Strategic workshop and follow-up for long term growth On going effort.