Sam Arditi: CEO CTP, Intel Wireless Group and Tigo Energy:

“ I worked with Menachem Student in my first start up company, CTP in Israel.  I was his first client when he came back to Israel.  Being a young CEO, he was my mentor at that time.  Menachem was in charge of identifying and qualifying the first clients for our technology.  It was a huge success for a company with 6 people to have a first OEM agreement signed with Harris to develop a stat of the art wireless PBX.  Menachem lead this project and we got this agreement based on a detailed PPT we had introduced this 200 milion dollars division of Harris communication.  Since then, we are in working relationships, now he is involved in supporting our build up of the R&D operation in Israel of Tigo Energy Ltd (www.tigoenergy.com).”


Modi Avrutsky: General Manager of the Israeli site of Tigo Energy:

“Menachem started to consult with us very early when we launched our operation in Israel and is consulting to me and the management team since then.  He had working with us on scaling up the R&D activity in Israel from day one, and helped to open bottlenecks as we faced them.  He was very instrumental in supporting us in the build up of the recruiting process of the engineers and management team while reducing the time it demanded from us to the minimum.  I worked with Menachem on building the internal organization structure and the first steps of our interface with our clients….” (www.tigoenergy.com).


Meir Cohen: CEO Combox Ltd. right now at intel Mobile group:

“ I lead Combox Ltd since 1996 and even before I hired the engineering team, I hired Menachem and his team to support us in the understanding of the market space and sign the first OEM agreement with a large and legacy modem player in the market place.  His claim of fame, of putting the market before the R&D work, worked for us also and we started to move forward, while having the first client in place… this was very helpful to get recognition and investors’ attention”


Giora Farber: Founder of Yon Yon consulting:

“In the last 6 years I have moved slowly from holding a day job, towards establishing and running yonyon, my own digital content consulting firm, with a partner who is also a personal friend.  Menachem Student was there to support, to build confidence in my abilities, to help set goals, and to accompany every step of achieving those goals. Yonyon was actually established with a first big client, that Menachem urged me to pursue and to not let go, until we heard a “yes”. It will not be an exaggeration to say that without Menachem and MyFiram, the chance that all this would have come to life is very slim. I owe Menachem a lot”