M.Y. Firam Ltd. has leveraged over a decade of experience in market research and business development solutions, which allow technology-based companies to fully reach their marketing and financial potential. We take a broad-based view of our client’s specific needs, taking into account both their markets and technologies. In doing so, we focus on four key areas:

  1. Assessment of a product and its market, including customer and sales channel feedback, competitive review, strategy and implementation services for increasing sales of an existing product.
  2. Assistance with expansion of new products/technologies into new markets, including new customer segments, new geographical territories, and new products.
  3. Acquisition and merger assistance, including the addition of new products to reinforce market positions or to expand into new markets, and divestitures to enhance financial performance and to focus resources on the activities that generate the highest returns.
  4. Participate in the build up of companies, that we believe in their product/technology and support management on the ongoing growth process of the company.