Well established companies moving from projects to products

need to maintain an ongoing level of profit and seek higher margins from on going projects while
their clients are constantly interested in lowering costs of their production costs in order to stay
competitive in the market place.

Over time this is a painful and tiring process.

M.Y.Firam offers a structured consulting process in shifting companies from project oriented
business to product oriented business by leveraging on its production capabilities and developing
a set of building business relations and sales of new/innovative products with strategic clients.

Our proved ability in analyzing markets, building business models, development of business
plans, analyzing competitors, appraisal of expansion to other geographic markets, as well as
range of horizontal and lateral options , mergers and purchases allows us to assist our clients in
growing and fulfilling their goals on both personal and business goals.
Moving from projects to products: Learning from others’ experience…..

Jump-n-Pour Ltd. Dania Plastic is a project plastic projects company, They specializes in
complex, plastic products run by two brothers since 1970. Doron , the son of one of the founders
of Dania Plastic, had developed a pourer for Olive Oil about a year before we met. Our initial
work included defining short and long term goals of our work together, we agreed on the scope of
consulting works, its capacity and our accountability of the project at hand.

While working with an Israeli client, we had located a large Portuguese client who asked for
exclusivity in Portugal, Spain and Brazil. We started to adjust the product to his needs. It took
Doron another year to make sure the product is up and running to their utmost satisfaction and
there were no problems in the integration of the pourer and the cap and the filling line.

During the process , we were instrumental in separating the new firm (www.JumpnPour.com)
from the mother company (www.daniaplastic.com) and implementing new and different mode of
management to the new company. As we moved along we understood that a critical element for
that client is to bring in the product into the filling line without interfering in the client’s production/
filling lines. This understanding had changed our concept of the project and within 9 months we
received an order of 15 million pieces a year. The first meaningful order the company got.

At this point in time the company sales more than 50 millions a year, with a team of only 4 people
We anticipate that by the year 2013 the sales would reach 100 Millions a year while covering new
market and developing new products.